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Moments of Clarity

Against Winters Sky

I snapped this photo of a female Cardinal against a grey winter sky while testing the auto focus and vibration compensation (VC) on my recently repaired Tamron 28-300mm lens. The photo is hand held at 300mm but there was sufficient light to keep VC from playing a large role. Still, I’d say the lens is back in working order.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend I worked with for over 17 years who is still working at my prior employer. Hearing the stress in his voice made me thankful I was no longer taking part in that daily grind. I experienced a lot of daily stress prior to my departure but it’s now worst there with the economies downturn.

I know I’m not always as aware and thankful for what I have (or don’t have) as I should be, but when I do experience those moments of “clarity” concerning my blessings I try to give it my full attention, stop what I’m doing and send a little positive energy of gratitude back out into the universe.

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