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I had planned on taking advantage of the beautiful weather this week to take some photos but by Sunday I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent so I chose to stayed in. Turns out that was a wise choice.

While I enjoy being outside taking photos it’s certainly not a hardship being home and working on my photo post-processing. I’m continuing to learn Photoshop and beginning to feel comfortable with it but it’s still overwhelming at times. The “Photoshop Experts” in many of the training videos amaze me with their knowledge and skill in the application. Perhaps someday…

Last Friday I sent my Tamron lens (28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 XR VC) in for service. The Vibration Control (VC) on the unit began making a grinding/shifting sound and the view through the viewfinder would jerk and jump about. Also, a few times it’s stopped auto-focusing and could only be coaxed to work again if the camera was turned off and back on.

I’d purchased this lens as a general walk-about lens for use with my Nikon D700. It also works with my D300 and on a DX sensor camera is equivalent to a 32-450mm. When working, it’s sharp and takes good photos.

This lens is only a couple of months old and under warranty so there shouldn’t be any cost associated with its repair, beyond my shipping cost. I’m hopeful it’ll be replaced rather then repaired. They’ve estimated about 3 weeks.

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