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On Fairy Wings Dragons Fly


[ ISO800 200mm f/18 1/160sec ]

Sometimes when you see certain things your mind quickly makes assumptions. I happened upon something yesterday I’ve seen any number of times but have often wondered if my assumptions were correct.

On days when I have a couple of free hours I’ll go to one of the local parks near my home to get a little photography in. There’s the normal streams, hiking trails, trees, plants, flowers, insects and wildlife to photograph and it makes for good practice. I usually come back with a few shots I’m pleased with.

Yesterday I noticed two lone vehicles, a car and a pickup, parked at one of the back picnic areas with a man and a women sitting very close at one of the tables. En route to a small park pond I had to walk past their vehicles and them.

They sure did seem a bit nervous as I passed by. You know, kinda looking down and stuff. I wonder what they were up to?

Do you think something illicit was going on? ;-)

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