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Just Another Week in North Carolina

High humidity, passing thunderstorms and occasional downpours describes the weather we’ve been having in central North Carolina this week.

Childhood memories of growing up in this area remind me that summer weather was sometimes like this, with storms most every day, but it certainly hasn’t been in recent years.

I don’t know that these scattered showers/downpours are enough to alleviate the severe drought conditions in this area but it certainly does help.


NC Drought Conditions

The real bother in doing outside activities is not the rain and thunder storms but the high humidity. It can be 80 and feel like the upper 90s. A few minutes of work outside leaves you soaking wet and drained of energy.

_LND6078.jpg These passing storms do often provide interesting conditions for photos. ;-)

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  1. Well, with all of the rain that we’ve been having and the watering restrictions, I hope that we can get back to normal. The rivers and lakes are looking pretty healthy right now, but we could still use some daily doses of rain. As a matter of fact, one of those thunderstorms is moving through right now.

    I know what you mean about the humidity, though. I’ve been walking my dog in the mornings, like this morning. We walked about 3 miles, or so, and when we got back, I was soaked! The humidity was incredible. It doesn’t seem so bad after you’ve been walking in it for a while, but the sweat continues to pour!

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