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Moss and Ice Melt Run Off

[ Moss & Ice Melt, Mt. Hood, Oregon – ISO200 22mm f/25 1/10 sec ]

I can remember while playing as a child in woods near my home that there was an abundant amount of moss. The moss was thick and could easily be picked up in large clumps. A friend and I often used it to lay out a pattern on the ground for our “pretend” play forts or houses. It would often take root in it’s new location and be there for most of the summer.

Ah yes, the simpler days of no video games when children actually played outdoors. ;-)

Columbia River, Cascade Locks & Mt Hood, Oregon
[ A Carpet of Moss, Oregon – ISO400 170mm f/7.1 1/160 sec ]

I don’t see as much moss in the woods of this area now. Perhaps the climate becoming drying, as demonstrated by recent droughts, is responsible.

I always thought that a thick layer of moss was natures shag carpet. Of course, that was the 60’s you know.

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  1. Shagadelic, man! Yeah! ;-)

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