Great Customer Experiences Still Exists

Posted on 14 Mar ’08 by Earl Moore

200803141006.jpgIt’s rare that you call someone concerning a home repair and have them there and finished in a day, much less a few hours.

Around noon yesterday I noticed that a couple of shingles on our roof had come loose and were slanted at a 40 degree angle.

Not a great thing to notice when they’re calling for rain the next two days.

Searching the yellow pages for roof repairs I begin making calls, not really having any hope of finding anyone to fix it that day.

My first calls were answered by answering machines and I didn’t leave messages.

My third call was answered by Harold. After a brief description of the problem and getting my general location Harold said he was on a roof at the moment and could he call me back a little later to get the details. He seemed genuine, but I must say I wasn’t sure at that point if I’d hear back from him.

But call back he did, and with directions to our house said that he had another stop that afternoon so it’d be around 4pm before he could arrive. A few minutes after four Harold was here and about 30 minutes later he not only had the two shingles fixed but had done a quick inspection of the rest of the roof.

There’s no doubt that Harold provided a great customer experience.

Note: If you’re near Salisbury, NC and in need roofing work, I’ll be happy to email you a phone number for contacting Harold’s Roofing & Service.

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  2. Paul 15 Mar ’08 at 3:13 pm

    Earl, that’s great to hear. When I first came to Charlotte about 4 years ago, I didn’t know anyone or anything about the area. I can’t speak highly enough for Angie’s List. Basically, it’s a list of services rated by consumers, so you’d put Harold in as a recommended person for roofing, for example.

    You’d better keep his number handy. Unfortunately, good customer service is rare to find!

  3. Earl Moore 15 Mar ’08 at 3:20 pm

    I’ve not seen Angie’s List but I will certainly take a look at it and enter Harold.

    Thank for the info!

  4. Kristal 17 Apr ’08 at 11:49 am

    Great blog- should be helpful

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