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One more post about Facebook and I’ll puke!

Enough!  One more blog post about Facebook and I’ll puke…I swear I will.  ;-)

I set a filter for the mention of Facebook on my feed reader, NetNewsWire, and I came up with 175 entries/posts since the first of August 2007.  There were no doubt more, as my feed reader only retains between 10-25 posts per subscription, some may have already dropped off.

So is all this hype due to Facebook being cutting edge, fantastic, redefining the social rules…don’t think so!  I’ve been there, tried it, and was personally bored to tears.  Not that there is anything wrong with Facebook…it is what it is.

But I’ve noticed that in all of this writing of Facebook, there’s very little real genuine excitement being expressed.  Most of what is being written comes down to rehashing the same tired information, trying to find a new twist.

So, if all this hype is not being driven by Facebook’s greatness, we must be on an incredibly boring web plateau with nothing of greater interest to write about.  I don’t agree with Mark Cuban that the Internet is dead, but I would agree that some of the major conversation topics recently have been boring.

Where’s the innovation and the excitement…I don’t think it’s Facebook.  Facebook is a filler topic for the moment.

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2 Comments on One more post about Facebook and I’ll puke!

  1. C’mon Earl! Facebook is going to save the world!!!

    And you can play scrabble on there too! Cripes, what the hell else do you need out of life!?


  2. Life? Richard, you can’t believe there’s life away from “FaceButt” can you?

    Hummm… they obviously need to adjust the brain washing, some of us are escaping!

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