Things Apple should do better!

//Things Apple should do better!

A recent post on DeepThought titled Ten Things Apple Can Do Better was an interesting and honest piece on ten things that Apple should do a better job of.¬† A much more detailed explanation is available in the original post, but these ten things included (using DeepThought’s titles with my abbreviated explanation of their material):

Aroma of Superiority: Cut down on the smug comments, advertisements, and direct jabs at Microsoft. If you’re doing things right it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.

Help! The Mouse Just Cursed at my Dogcow!: Improve the warranty and extend the telephone support. A $4000 Mac Pro has the same warranty as a $600 Mac mini? Also where’s the accidental damage coverage option? Across the board improvement to the support offerings.

Hey, This Ain’t the Pentagon: Is the extreme level of secrecy needed? Apple, be a little more open and friendly not only to your user’s but also to your business partners?

Is It Supposed to Do That?: Improve quality control as it appears that it’s started to slip at Apple.

Don’t Hate the Players: Make a serious push to get games onto the Mac as a first-class citizens. Macs are high end systems that can run games if Apple will support their development in both hardware and software.

Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats and…: Come on Apple start shipping a good two button mouse with your computers that is ergonomically friendly. The Apple Mighty Mouse is more about design then function.

Biting Many Hands That Feed: Apple, improve your support and relationship with Mac developers. They will make or break you!

Hey, the Feedback Form is Broken!: Apple, listen more to your users and quite acting like your not interested. You need to find a way to use one of your greatest resources…those users who use your products all the time.

A Checkbox is a Checkbox is a Checkbox…But in Gray?: Apple, nail down user interface consistency in OS X and quit using eye candy for eye candy’s sake!

It Starts With “Dot…”: Apple, improve the .Mac features and lower the price. Or better still make it free as Microsoft is doing with Windows Live. Apple, .Mac is no longer a bargain!

I agree with all ten of these items. Apple is far from perfect and needs to do a better job in many of the support areas.

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