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Do “We” have responsibilities?

When we are witness to excessive bad behavior that amounts to the verbal abuse of someone, what are our responsibilities? Seth Godin posted a piece concerning a couple that spent an entire flight badmouthing the staff, including profanity and personal attacks.

Seth stated that, “it struck me that this would have been inconceivable for sober people just ten years ago.”

My take is that the other passengers probably would not of stood by silently witnessing this sort of behavior ten years ago. What does this situation say about the other passengers on the flight that did nothing. Often we read news stories about people standing and watching while a personal crime is committed against someone else. It’s not easy putting yourself in danger, real or imagined, to stand up for what’s right. If the other passengers on the flight had made it clear that this bad behavior was not acceptable I think this couple would of quieted down. I believe responsibility begins with me. Until I care why should I expect anyone else to?

And as far as Seth’s post, yes, I believe the airline should blacklist this couple. The airline owes this level of responsibility and concern to its staff.

Ref: Seth Godin Blog: Do Customers Have Responsibilities?

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  1. I agree, the other passenger, Seth included, should have said something to this couple. The last thing I want is to hear spoil brats during a flight. Ban them!. Customer’s are not always right and the sooner we act on it, the better our lives will be.

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